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"Over eight years have passed, and I am still in touch with a number of my EFE-Palestine classmates; they all went on to be very successful business people. Some of them hold important positions at banks, others at governmental institutions, and others work in international NGOs.”

Kamel, Alumnus, Palestine.

Over 3,200 companies, foundations, educational institutions, government ministries, and community centers collaborate with us to create economic opportunity for unemployed youth. Here’s why:

We are unique. EFE is the only organization of its kind in the MENA that offers youth a complete path from training to employment, with tangible connections to the world of work

A job is more than 'just a job.' By providing youth with the ability to demonstrate their positive potential, EFE empowers them as leaders in their professional and personal lives.  Their paychecks uplift their families and communities, and their success challenges employer biases that limit youth potential.

We understand the region. We have a decade of expertise operating in MENA. Each EFE Affiliate is locally-run to operate effectively given on-the-ground realities while leveraging resources and know-how through our global network.

We empower those who need it most. All of EFE’s trainees are disadvantaged in their local context, and over half of our alumni are young women, many of whom face extra barriers to employment.

We have credibility. Named Global Social Entrepreneur of the Year at the World Economic Forum (2012), EFE has received global recognition.


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