EFE’s Role in COVID-19 Prevention

EFE is taking action to address the necessary global changes due to COVID-19. Three EFE Affiliates are stepping up to a call-to-action to prioritize healthy, safety, and education.

Through the support of investment company Finance for Jobs Consulting Services (F4J-CS) and local partner Juzoor, EFE-Palestine aims to equip 80 nurses with technical and soft skills as well as three-month internships. 80 doctors who sought education outside Palestine will also receive training for the local licensing exam. In collaboration with UN Women, EFE-Palestine may provide training and five-month internships for 40 nurses in Hebron.

In partnership with L’Insitute des Métiers de Santé (IMS) under the Sa7ti initiative, EFE-Tunisie seeks to deliver online training for 5,000 doctors, nurses and paramedical professionals. To date, more than 500 users have accessed the online platform where they can attend interactive live sessions to view medical simulations from certified professionals. More information about the initiative may be found on http://www.sa7ti.tn/ or the initiative’s Facebook page.

Lastly, EFE-Yemen with the support of the Catholic Relief Services is launching a three-month health awareness campaign regarding COVID-19. In connection with the Yemeni Ministry of Health and the National Center for Health Education, EFE-Yemen seeks to communicate useful, factual information to the residents of Aden and Sana’a. Door-to-door outreach through the Medical Employment and Development project also includes distribution of soap and hand sanitizer.