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Since launching operations in 2006, the EFE Network has connected over 128,000 youth to the world of work across the Middle East and North Africa. And it’s only the beginning: our graduates help to uplift their families, improving the lives of an estimated 384,000 individuals. Over 3,770 companies in the region benefit from the dynamic energy and skills of EFE alumni, as well.

Nablus, Palestine

Malak faced two years of unemployment before finding her first job. Now, she is a civil engineer helping Palestinians get the water they need to live.
Amman, Jordan

Two years ago, Omar was struggling to find a job. Now, he is a chef at the Four Seasons, one of the world's top hotels.
Casablanca, Morocco

Even with her Master's degree in engineering, Zineb had been looking for a job in Morocco for a year and a half. Then she found out about EFE's JobInTech training and got a second chance at life.
Amman, Jordan

Abeer and her siblings were raised by a single mom after their father passed away. Now, Abeer can finally support her, and she dreams of supporting the next generation of women microenterpreneurs as an EFE graduate.

Aya Ahmed overcame the criticism in her community to become one of the only woman oil rig technicians in Egypt.
Jenin, Palestine

People told Hazar that it was not appropriate for her to become a nurse. When they became her patients, they changed their minds. Now, she's on the frontlines fighting the pandemic and inspiring a generation of women nurses in Palestine.

After looking for employment for 2 years, Ibrahim took EFE's Retail Sales Training. Since gaining the technical and soft skills demanded by the labour market, Ibrahim got a job at one of the largest sweet shops in Jordan.
Amman, Jordan

Sandy overcame the stigma of the service industry to land a job at one of the world's top hotels. Now, she's encouraging other young women to pursue their dreams.

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